February 3, 2010


-15 millions or ½ of Ugandans 15 millions population are children.

- 2 million of those are orphans.

- Primary school enrollment

-13%-Completion -38%

-Adult literacy rate is 65%

-Rape is common

-Access to safe water 45% Electricity 4%

- Most live on less than $1 a day

-Life expectancy is 45.7years old

A child s education is their hope for the future and also hope of Uganda , most of refugee children often arrive orphaned or from families too poor to pay their school fees .

HOCW matches the children most in need with international donors to help and give a bright future for a child .

Donors wishing to support a child’s education can either donate via HOCW, or email us for information on how to wire the money directly to the school

In addition HOCW offers adults, ranging in age from teenagers to sectagenerian, English literacy classes .There are four classes Monday through Friday. Open to any one who comes to us. Our Very Beginning Class, for those with little or no English , introduces students to the alphabet, basic sounds colors, family etc ….The Beginning Class stresses pronunciation ,phonics, basic vocabulary and conversation .Our intermediate class introduces grammar , writing, more extensive vocabulary and speaking in front of the class.

Our Advanced Class expands on comprehension and fluency in writing and speaking. We provide students with dictionaries, note books and educational material as donations allow. HOCW also offers access to basic computer education

We give the opportunity to a child to write to his or her sponsor .

Volunteers who are interested in Education program are sent to MIREMBE PRIMARY SCHOOL where most of children are the needy, and most urban refugee children are sent there.