HOCW was founded in March of 2008 by international volunteers who had a passion for the plight of women and children victims of violence. We are a non-profit humanitarian organization that seeks to instill hope, provide opportunities and offer support to the community we serve. HOCW programs focus on Education; Social and Economic Development and Health.

Our Community

The HOCW community is made up of an ever changing population of Ugandans and refugees from DR Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Somalia, Sudan and other African countries.

We see victims of wars, rape, neutral disasters, extreme poverty and illiteracy.

Despite those hardships, the people we serve are eager to learn, industrial, generous and optimistic.


HOCW facilitates the education of children by paying their school fees. The cost of an education is unfortunately, financially prohibitive for many families. This is done by matching them with international donors and through financial donations to HOCW. School fees re $ 300 per year for day school and 750 per year for boarding school. These amounts include school fees, Uniforms, and nutrition meals.

In addition HOCW offers adults, ranging in age from teenagers to sectagenerian, English literacy classes .There are four classes Monday through Friday. Open to any one who comes to us. Our Very Beginning Class, for those with little or no English, introduces students to the alphabet, basic sounds colors, family etc ….The Beginning Class stresses pronunciation ,phonics, basic vocabulary and conversation .Our intermediate class introduces grammar , writing, more extensive vocabulary and speaking in front of the class.

Our Advanced Class expands on comprehension and fluency in writing and speaking. We provide students with dictionaries, note books and educational material as donations allow. HOCW also offers access to basic computer education.


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HOCW provides primary health care to our students and their families by partnering with Zanta Clinic.

Social Economic Development

As part of our social responsibility HOCW hopes to empower community members with basic knowledge and marketable skills. This includes seminars on socially relevant issues; micro-lending to help us establish small businesses in everything from agriculture to crafts and by providing music, drama and sports (events).

With kindness and patience we hope to provide this generation and those that follow live a rich sustainable life.


P.O BOX 23950 Kampala-Uganda

Ndejje Central Zone – Entebbe High Way

Aidan College Street

Tel: +256200900543

Hope of Children and Women Victims of Violence (HOCW) was founded in 2008
by a Refugee group with help of International Volunteers to address the
needs of the Refugee community together with the nationals whom are the
Victims of Violence.

HOCW is a Non Government Organization based in Zana on Entebe Road
Serving Central African Refugees and Nationals in Uganda. Most of the
clients comes from Congo(DRC) Sudan,Rwanda Burundi,Ethiopia,Somalia.

We focus primarily on Education (Child sponsorship) and defend rights of
children and women victims of violence.

we also provide health and community services.



In Education we do sponsor children,most of refugees arrives when they are
not able to pay fees for their children and others being total orpharns
HOCW matches children most in need with international donors to help and
give a bright future to them.


In health we do counseilling with women as most of the refugee women went
through hard situation including sexual abuse HOCW provides
counseilling to them and the information about HIV/AIDS on how tolive with
or without it.


Sustanibility and self-sufficient are the ones greatest gifts an
organisation can provide .
We train women on how to make crafts and others are sent to vacation
training centers to learn more.
We do constrate more on how to create income generating activities.


HOCW do provide Volunteer Opportunities for International Volunteers to
participate in community programs on both long term and short term basis.
Volunteers live in Zana and works directly with refugee community
providingmutual benefits to both refugees and volunteers
skills development and personalization.